Monday, September 7, 2015

Pectus Excavatum Exercise Video | Rib Flare 2015

I had created a video back in late 2014 about Pectus Excavatum, it was one of my most successful videos on my channel (and still is), I've noticed that it could be improved more so I made some small changes (it is still the same length).

I made these changes to help me push myself higher in the search rankings (on Google itself), in the hopes I can drive more eyes from all parts of the world. I've received tremendous feedback in the comment section of my old video, so I decided to rework the video. I plan on making more videos, but once I get a much better camera!

If you would like me to reach that point then be sure to subscribe to my channel. You can show your support literally by just playing any playlist on my channel! If you would like to see the updated version of the video, feel free to take a look!