Thursday, March 17, 2016

Plastic Surgery For Pectus Excavatum

Living with a severe case of pectus excavatum can be very tiresome or even sometimes very unwelcoming.

The fatigue, the tiredness, sore chest, etc. there could be a whole range of issues that you would probably like to overcome, but sometimes workouts just are not enough. You could be training for months, maybe even years (not to discourage you but be real) if you're truly worried about your chest and you wish to improve it then I highly recommend you speak to your doctor! Speaking to a professional would be better than just looking around forums, or YouTube (even though I do make them, cough cough).

I made this blog to help people who have pectus excavatum, mainly this is a personal blog for people who don't necessarily want to go through the whole surgery process, but would like some encouragement or support from people who avoided surgery. Some are discouraged from surgery because of money, or just fear of the surgery itself (which is understandable) but don't be foolish.

Plastic Surgery For Pectus Excavatum

There are several surgeries available for pectus excavatum which are quite effective and you can ask your doctors about them, or click the links for more details on what these procedures are and their potential costs (without insurance).

Ravitch Procedure: open surgery

Nuss Procedure: closed surgery, minimally invasive