Saturday, June 27, 2015

Living With Pectus Excavatum

Within my adolescent years panicking under unashamed stares by strangers, I laid exposed, arms safeguarding ultimate humiliation under the unobstructed atmosphere, no seawater, merely moments to my thoughts. Individuals that understand behaved similarly, undoubtedly underneath different conditions. In circumstances where I would need to remove my shirt, including the shoreline, I would experience self-conscious judgement, le sigh.

Living With Pectus Excavatum

Living with Pectus Excavatum I never committed myself into surgical treatment (example: the NUSS Procedure). Living with this condition, I endured anxious breakdowns occasionally because I thought that I was living unhealthily. Believing I was inferior because of this abnormality; Visualize how changing in the locker-room sensed appalling. Everyone in my home was supportive, and  me stable with my condition, my father would play soccer with me and let me play in competitions like any other kid. Of course, since I have Pectus Excavatum it makes already challenging exercises that much more problematic. Even playing at the YMCA for amusement was an exhausting challenge. Which made me feel depressed, and it added to how I felt about myself but I attempted anyways.


Luckily, bullies have never concerned me and people never gossiped. Although, I would occasionally get embarrassed when people question why I have this condition or ask me to display my rib flare, it was relatively a peaceful time growing up though. I reliably was just my personal worst critic, which many of us do judge ourselves too harshly sometimes. I demoralized myself over assumptions, and I understood how emotions significantly affect how I think. Doing my finest, along the way I learned to appreciate my physique and myself. Exercising immensely and consciously increasing my determination to improve my appearance.

Even though I troubled myself with more judgments about my condition, I changed these negative concepts and made myself a more positive character. I would do affirmations about my physique, telling myself my appearance will improve (in between breaks of working out or random instances of inspiration/motivation). Time progressed; I matured after consciously thinking about how unfamiliar people felt about my appearance.

Confidence Is High!

Nowadays, I feel confident because I stopped to reconsider my values, and I brought my positive concentration together. Currently, I share what I know and I describe my experiences for people that need help or want some extra information on Pectus Excavatum and fitness in general. I'm no longer worried about people looking at me, hell why should I since there are some celebrities with Pectus Excavatum.

Share with me your experiences!

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