Monday, July 13, 2015

Already 250 Sessions! We're Growing!

Well, it looks like we totally obliterated our last goal of reaching 250 sessions for the month. Wow. Incredible, already over 500 page views and still climbing! This is the kind of growth that I want to see, and seeing this growth is very positive as we've all informed ourselves on a couple of topics, which is awesome.

Hope you guys enjoy the new additions to the blog!

At this time, around 5:00 PM, we are at 284 Session views for the month. 

Lets see the rankings by country so far!

(0)   United States: 180
(+1) Canada: 23
(-1)  United Kingdom
(0)   Portugal
(0)   Germany

Amazing growth, but now I will do a much more ambitious goal for our newly built blog. I call 2500 sessions, no end date on this goal. This blog should reach 2500 in a couple months, hopefully sooner with your help!