Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Flared Ribs Braces For Pectus Excavatum

If you're wondering how to fix the appearance of Pectus Excavatum to your best ability without surgery then there are countless exercises that you can do, but most importantly your best allies are stretches (oh fun). Limbering up is essential for positive growth without straining! The goal here is to stretch your chest to condition the cartilage that is attached to the sternum and ribs to be in good posture. If you're worried about your specific case and severity please contact a physician and ask about the Nuss Procedure and other Pectus Excavatum surgeries available.

Stretching is king if you want to fix the appearance of Pectus Excavatum!

Posture Fixes for Pectus Excavatum

Posture Aids and Fixes

I have not used any kind of posture aids for my flared ribs, however there have been many people who have used them to correct their posture. For many different reasons people have purchased these correctives and have seen overwhelmingly very positive results for these products. People have improved their breathing, stamina, and even strength. Very noticeable improvements in energy, and pleasure. It's worth looking into and also there are braces available specifically made for Pectus Excavatum! (Remember to find the right size!)

Stretches For Pectus Excavatum

I generally like to stretch my chest by leaning back slightly and then retracting my arms back as If i'm getting my soul sucked out of me (Idk how better to describe it, lol) and then moving slowly in a straight posture forcing my arms to stay back extending out my chest. Sometimes I hear a popping sound when I do this and I notice I can breathe slightly better than before, however when I did this the first couple of times I noticed my chest feeling strained and then sore after a while, and I've seen small improvements by stretching with this technique alone when I feel lazy. You also workout your back muscles as you do this as you continue doing repetitions or attempting to hold that erect position for long periods of time. Be careful not to over stretch, and if you have a bad back proceed at your own risk.

Wall chest stretch's are useful as well, you want to stretch out your arms and chest to condition it. To do this stretch you press your arm against a wall and stand erect. You twist your body moving forward with the shoulder of the arm you had resting on the wall. Its a simple stretch as most are, and can really get deep in your chest! Of course be careful!