Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mild and Severe Pectus Excavatum

When it comes to Pectus Excavatum people worry and worry about their own condition. They worry about whether if theirs is a mild form or a more severe deformity that may require chest surgery immediately!

For me, in the image above, this is about as average as severe it will get. I've only met a few people in person that were diagnosed with Pectus Excavatum and only one other for Pectus Carinatum (Pigeon Chest). Out of those mentioned, I would say mine is a little above average leaning more towards the severe spectrum.

Personally, I've had cases where I would have a lot of difficulty breathing. I remember on one account I was eating candy (fruit roll ups) and it felt like my chest was in a lot of pain. I felt like I could not breath correctly. It may have just been the fruit roll ups clogging my windpipe, but overall there was direct pain in my sternum during this occurrence. As of right now, today, I do feel soreness coming from my inverted sternum, its been occurring for a few days but nothing serious (I have been stretching a little more often, that may be it).

Overall, to be honest, it is bothersome, and quite annoying. If I lay down and lean on a shoulder, my chest does seem to hurt (for the past two days this has been occurring). I have heard countless others through social media sites state that their chest hurts randomly, without working out.

The reason could be for a number of factors, but first ask your doctor about how severe your specific case is, it will be beneficial for you to know whether Pectus Excavatum is causing pain or if it is a separate issue/condition. Voice your thoughts or opinions/suggestions below and tell us what doctors have told you about Pectus Excavatum!

If you have severe Pectus Excavatum, I recommend that you commit into the surgery more often than not. Not to cause havoc, but Pectus Excavatum can be fatal, however the mortality rate for humans is low, relatively rare compared to Pectus Excavatum for Dogs.

For both mild and severe Pectus Excavatum, you can definitely benefit from stretching!