Monday, July 13, 2015

Blog Growth, More Sessions!

Congrats To Us 100 Users!

On July 11th we reached a hushed goal of 100 sessions on this chest fitness blog, which is less than a month! What's a session? A session is a statistic that is used for Google Analytics which tracks user feedback on webpages which gives us useful information to helps us rank high on Google Search (so more people can view our content). If you come on to this site at all, no matter how many pages u visit within this "session", or commit into social interactions, it will be counted as one session until you remove yourself from the website.

Which is awesome and very good news for this site, so I encourage you guys come around more often (as things get updated over the days, and continuously in the coming weeks). I'm not entirely sure if you get updated on the changes I make through RSS/Atom but some pages have been altered, and as more pages are posted up, it will affect those pages around it!

I'm really proud to see that there is a demand to know about Pectus Excavatum, and seeing this kind of growth on this blog really encourages me to spend more time on this and slow off on other projects. Thanks again, be sure to read all our content and suggest improvements! Remember our goal is to make this a community so feel free to join us! 

Our next goal for this blog is to reach 250 Sessions, and expand outreach! Help us with our goal!

By the way...

We're Watching You :o

(Queue dramatic music)

So some fun statistics on these 100 users, where are they from? Here are the top five countries that have the highest sessions on this website:

Overwhelmingly the United States of America with 52 Sessions as number one. Behind this nation is The United Kingdom (10) and Canada (9). Trailing at fourth place is Portugal (5) with Germany and Italy vying for 5th Place (3).