Sunday, December 6, 2015

Added Site Directory

As we've been holding off on content such as articles, we've been working on some stuff! What stuff? Just releasing our small pages that will help you with navigation. We are releasing our new site directory *sarcastic woo*, our current site directory shows featured content and is just a simple and clean layout for you to seamlessly browse our most popular and significant content about Pectus Excavatum, Surgery, and general health. We hope you appreciate it, ^ . ^.

Since we've finished our general layout for the upcoming 2016 year, using a modified version of some Blogger templates, we figured we might as well work on a directory to provide you with customized content, that is not algorithm based. Soon though we may allow you to search our individual pages for keywords using Google's search engine, but we're worried that already with all the things loading on screen, users with slower devices and low bandwidth will be stunted. We'll see how we can work around it with special pages.

Accessing the Site Directory

You can access the site directory by clicking the "Directory" link at the very top of this page, and found on every page of this site.

Some webpages may be linked withed the word "Directory" as well, keep a look out!