Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gotta Start Eating More For Pectus Excavatum

I haven' really been sticking to any workout routines (shame on me), but for the few random times I decided to do some push-ups or crunches (which is almost everyday) it has helped me see some gradual growth. Every now and again I'll do some shadow boxing just for a nice cardio workout, for like a few seconds, lol. The bad thing is that I've noticed I've lost quite a bit of weight which isn't going to be really helpful in the long run.

Lately, I've been under eating, it's probably a bit of personal stress, but no worries I'll be getting back on a good eating pattern. Bring on the steaks!

I'll be around to continue updating the blog, I hope you all enjoy reading!
I'll also be continuing to include more personal updates, :).

If you enjoy reading my blog be sure to come back more often!