Saturday, March 26, 2016

Celebrity Baseball Player Also Had Pectus Excavatum

When we think of athletes we think of strong men, perfectly chiseled women, people who you would think never have had major issues, but of course we're all human.
Everyone has something, could be weird, quirky, or just unfortunate things but what comes from these individuals, in all their uniqueness, can be exactly what we need? Peace of mind, inspiration, someone to look up to maybe! We forget that at the end of the day the ones we owe our identity to, or our love and enthusiasm, have also their own struggles to live through, but no matter. 

Tim Melville is an example of this, a young semi-pro athlete who was born with Pectus Excavatum. He progressed after much pain after his surgery (Nuss procedure) and worries from his parents about his chest but stayed focused on his goals to become a minor-league athlete and pressing forward to achieve a Major League title.

Currently he's signed under Cincinnati's minor league and was invited to training by the Professional MLB team the Cincinnati Reds!

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