Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pectus Excavatum Without Surgery, Only Exercises!

Why I Lived With Pectus Excavatum Without Surgery

To me living with this condition and knowing that there are surgeries available for me, and then taking into account the change in the health insurance system by the Affordable Care Act here in the USA. I did not really find that committing into the Nuss Procedure (or the Ravitch Procedure) was a real priority. I have been hospitalized once before, and have met people who have struggled to get care because of delays or too many people waiting for other patients. I personally didn't want to involve myself into an even tougher system.

Sure sometimes I'm a burden to some people (lol), but to take it to surgery when I am confident in my health currently didn't really seem like a great plan. Of course I have no problem with people who have, its your choice but I'd rather wait to continue pushing myself.

Its always just something I do.