Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lower Stress With Music

If you're a musician you already know the wonders of escaping into your art when you're not feeling too well. Sometimes we all get really anxious whether it's over relationships, family, a new job, new school, etc. It's something so common, even the biggest differences we see of others are hampered by the small similarities in people, it's what makes us human really.

We all worry about something, it could be the most miniscule hiccup of life, a pet peeve, or something downright tragic. The world continues turning yet to us it seems frozen. Me, I see the world like that when I'm stuck worrying about the things I care about. I feel self conscious, sometimes I even kick myself on the ground by being too critical of myself with my thoughts. To some of us we can brush it off and to others, it just takes a little more effort. Some times i was self conscious about having a hole in my chest.

I've had an interesting life, and I have my story like all of you. We all can relate in some form or another, but one thing that is true is that our lives are incomparable. We all have different plans that make us happy, that help us forget. Some of us turn to drug addiction, or anti-depressants, others turn to booze and strip clubs, the lot of us attempt to make ourselves better through learning online, and working out. Don't get me wrong, I do a mix of all those (except anti-depressants) and overall I am generally happy.

The most successful way for me to destress myself after a long day of work, or painful emotional turmoil is by far music. Not just listening to music but making it myself. Letting all my emotions out right there with each press of a note. I let my fingers do the talking and expressing myself in this way has always been an effective tool for me.

Been playing piano since I was roughly about 7 or 8 years old (watch below for my best piano improvisations).
Music lifted me up when I was stuck in my room all day with not many friends that could play in the neighborhood. Hell, when I get scolded for getting into trouble, its something I had to rely on since no videogames and no internet. My piano has been the single most important stress reliever in my life, and I don't think anyone should over look creating music as a good way to improve your life, and your mental health.

We shouldn't stress ourselves too harshly, expressing ourselves is the highest point of enthusiasm and this should be a prime target to reach.