Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Experience With Cannabis | Pectus Excavatum Treatment

Like many times throughout high school I met a couple friends that tend to hang with some other friends that know people that can get their hands on drugs; Alcohol, for when you're underage or flat out illicit drugs. I will not pretend, I sure as hell had my fun. I smoked cigarettes, weed, drank; not to gloat or anything but it was a lifestyle choice I made even though I was living with Pectus Excavatum. So this is what I have endured with my time smoking cannabis with a hole in my chest.

Weed and Pectus Excavatum Treatment?

Smoking weed is something that I have always enjoyed, and I am apart of the #LegalizeIt movement. Smoking/vaping marijuana nuggets has been a pastime of mine for quite a few years already. I smoke weed recreationally, and protest the drug war from a libertarian perspective, just for more insight. Bong/water pipe rips, gravity bongs, gas masks... I do it for both fun, personal giggles and for heath reasons!

When I smoke weed for the fun of it, I don't feel any different than when I'm sober. This is if I feel "normal" without any soreness or pains. I feel chill, and relaxed, like anyone else. I do notice an improvement in thinking in general and I seem to have less anxiety about my rib flare (when I was out at the beaches) when I smoke. I don't have any wow affects, I just feel more aware of my surroundings and its all copacetic, man. In all seriousness, I feel fine and there hasn't been a time where I smoked marijuana and felt like it was a danger to my health.

I personally use marijuana to help me appease my chest pains, and general lactic acid build up pains from exercising and stretching. For me it relieves me quickly and I feel like my muscles get back to feeling good faster. I work out generally a fair amount, I push myself enough to get soreness preferably in my chest. It's been consistent only a day or so of just soreness if I smoke marijuana, and I've notice that there is a big delay from when I workout to the point of soreness later on. It takes me about a little over two days before I feel sore from the initial workout. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but it is very interesting.

Would I quit smoking weed, probably not anytime soon, I'm still relatively young and don't have any major issues that would make smoking weed an issue.

Since I live with Pectus Excavatum, and have had anxiety of my flared ribs before, it has all died down. If you have Pectus Excavatum I recommend you read about the Nuss Procedure!