Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Exercises Will Not 'Cure' Pectus Excavatum

I should reaffirm with everyone that exercising (doing push-ups and bench presses) will not cure your chest.

I've been getting many comments (in Spanish and English [with occasional Portuguese]) asking how to 'Cure' Pectus Excavatum. Quite frankly, there is no 'Cure', as of yet, there are pectus excavatum braces you can buy and surgeries you can do which will improve the aesthetic look of your chest (Surgery is the best lasting option), however there is no cure for such a deformity.

Many need to understand that this is essentially a birth defect and it worsens with age. Pectus excavatum is passed genetically, it's inherent in us with varying effects on our health, depending on its severity. You really can't cure something like that unless we're genetically modified or something interesting such as that.

Exercises are just a catalyst to get you motivated and healthy, many of us need to inspire ourselves, and yes there are lasting effects for your chest that can help ease your mental stress off self conscious thoughts, but as much as exercising is great for us it will NOT provide lasting health benefits nor pop our chest "back into place".

Exercises are here to raise your emotional state and if you're not suffering a severe case of Pectus Excavatum you CAN improve your chest and ease the pressure. 

If you can get past emotional trauma or self conscious thoughts living with pectus excavatum then it really isnt that much of a problem. If it does cause to feel fatigued early on or if it's severe to the point of affecting your health in the long run then I do recommend surgery.

Exercises are not a replacement for doctor recommendations, but know that exercises do help but its a mild fix in comparison to the alternatives.