Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pectus Excavatum Gym

Welcome to the Pectus Excavatum Gym, where I share my most recommended general routines that you can try to help fix Pectus Excavatum. If you're curious about surgery for your chest then feel free to learn more!

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Fix Rib Flare Exercises

  • Stretches, make sure you stretch!
  • Pushups are heavily important overall, I recommend building up to 100 Push ups a week.
  • Crunches are priority, daily I recommend 100 crunches. Quality vs quantity, do the crunch movements slowly instead of in quick succession. Be sure to breathe accordingly as you are moving!
  • Side Bends, there are many variations of side bends; Side Bends generally target the obliques, this can help with the upper most part of the abs and the most highest point of rib flare, 
  • Squats, this is mostly for balancing and practicing good posture. Building up the legs and finding good form will benefit your general cardio as well.

Fix Pectus Excavatum

  • Stretches, they must be apart of your routine before and after a workout, course refresh a little bit between sets.
  • Pushups, Variations of pushups can include inclined, and one handed pushups, 3 sets of 25 a day can suffice. One hundred a day challenge is always a welcomed challenge.
  • Crunches, 3 Sets of 20 a day.
  • Side Bends, 50 reps a day.
  • Squats, 30 a day.

If by any chance you have any suggestions, or concerns regarding training and exercising then feel free to comment below! I'm open to expand this page with information and workout routines that you all provide. Thanks for helping us inform everyone of alternatives!