Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Possible To Get Six Pack? | Pectus Excavatum

Being diagnosed with Pectus Excavatum makes bulking up quite a task, if you have a caved in chest then more than likely you have rib flare. Rib flare isnt necessarily an eyesore but many people are self conscious of their abs.

I recently asked on Reddit for a topic to cover and the (only) one I received was "Is it physically possible to get a six pack with [Pectus Excavatum]"?

Short answer: Of course it's possible.
Long Answer: Its possible but living with Pectus Excavatum puts us in a unique situation. Having a caved in chest abnormally increases our heart rates by adding pressure against the heart and thus adding extra unneeded strain on us. The stress coupled with a much higher metabolism, and the appearance of the body discourages many individuals from recreational sports.

Getting six pack abs is a balance between healthy eating and metabolic upkeep, and diligent exercises. Maintaining good upkeep is essential, it may take an extra burger and a salad to see physical gains. If you're already very skinny with Pectus Excavatum, you must eat heavily while working out hard.

It's quite a daunting task to get "nice abs" even without Pectus Excavatum and flared ribs, but with a caved in chest, the goal post is a little harder to reach. It's worth it to make it your goal.

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